The world is pervaded by the digital. No act, no desire, no experience that has not been shaped by digital technologies. The “post” in post-digitality is thus not to be misunderstood as a return to some pre-digital era. What is coming to an end here is the era of digital revolution. Digitality has ceased to be a utopian fantasy, the digital has become part of our everyday lives. The so-called digital revolution is followed by a stage in which, on the one hand, digital technologies have become the (seemingly) unproblematic equipment of the digital native and in which, on the other hand, artificial “errors” and “glitches” reintegrate the analog in the realm of the digital. The conference will examine and discuss the rather young concept of “post-digitality” and explore its relevance for the context of film and media studies.

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Concept: Daniel Kulle, Cornelia Lund, Oliver Schmidt, Nicola Valeska Weber, David Ziegenhagen